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Why Join A Professional Organization


 By Bobbie Jo Anderson

Owning a business is very time consuming.  The work week is sometimes 60-70 hours, and let’s be honest most of the time its never ending.  The last thing we want to do is join one more organizations.  That means more time, more money and more meetings. Thinking this way may just cause you to miss the various benefits a professional organization can bring. Joining an industry-specific or small business owners society can bring valuable professional contacts, as well as a wealth of information, making it a very profitable decision. 

Joining Alliance-1099 has a whole new set of advantages to its members. LLC is a Community of the World’s Best 1099 Independent Contractor Professionals, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. With over 1300 members, you have a wealth of knowledge from masterminds who are also 1099 contractors.  Alliance 1099 offers professional, business and personal development, as well as business services geared to the 1099 contractor.  

Your membership allows you to attend some of the best conferences across the country and routine publications centered around your business needs. Topics like tax laws, technical topics, LLC vs S Corporations, and insurance coverages needed will be discussed and monitored.  Creating business plans and financing are explored and can be designed individually.  There are opportunities for formal coaching and help in dealing with challenging situations. 

Lastly, becoming a part of Alliance 1099 helps you create something you are passionate about. We can help you map out the details to create and grow your business into your legacy.   

Source : Bobbie Jo Anderson
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