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Corona Virus Outbreak 2020 Plan


Corona Virus Outbreak 2020 Plan 

The questions and concerns are at an all time epic level.  From "Will I get sick?" to "Will I have food and toiletries?" and to the bigger questions, "Will I have an income this month?", "Will my business survive?" First, stop! Breathe! Now, breathe again. Here are 3 Rs to help us navigate these uncharted waters together. And, yes, a life vest may be necessary!


Recognize this is new to all of us. None of us have ever been in this very unique situation before. We are all learning together as we go. However, many business owners have been in some sort of crisis before, and they have not only survived, but thrived in the end. Trouble and distress call for a time to stop, and evaluate the situation. This COVID-19 Pandemic is going to have a huge impact on everyone's business.


Reassess the following areas and effects. Consider questions like: How long til I have to consider layoffs? Can we change our current products or services to accommodate these unique times? If customers can not get to my business, how can I get to them? Are my employees able to work from home? What tools are needed? And lastly, do I have cash reserves for short term, or long term?  


Respond by summarizing your plan in writing. Be sure to involve all leadership in this planning. Brainstorm for valuable input from all leaders. Communicate to your team. Each employee needs to feel assured and know you have a plan in place. And finally, communicate to your customers. Customers should feel safe and secure in continuing business with you.

Alliance1099 is here to help each of you navigate this storm. We will continue to share relatable information, updates to laws and financial information. We are available to help you with technological needs. We also have our founder, Sam Waltz, who has centered his career around dealing with business crisis management. We would like to offer each and every 1099 contractor a freemium membership for the next 60 days. Simply follow the link to our website and select "Freemium" when choosing your membership type. 

God Bless, and we will prevail,

The Alliance 1099 Team

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